Shelley Fralic: Hey Hollywood, where are all the good movies?

But, I don’t talk to him. Me: Do you know why he dresses up as Jesus? Gonzalez: No…um?…no ::laughs:: Me: Is there anything you would ask him? Gonzalez: No…heh, heh, heh. Me: What would you say to him if he walked by now? Gonzalez: Well?

Hollywood’s Most Powerful Plus-Sized Stars

A mouth tray is then customized to fit the teeth precisely, which ensures the teeth maintain maximum contact with the whitening solution. The prescription-strength teeth whitening gel can noticeably brighten teeth in just a few days. Dr. Ghasri, North Hollywood dentist, also offers in-office whitening.

The irony, of course, is that many of the zombie-fests pull in big money, which means Hollywood is loath to change its formula. Ben Affleckas Argo may have earned a Best Picture Oscar and $230 million worldwide but it will never enjoy the box office receipts of a movie like Ted, which pulled in twice that amount. U.S. filmmaker, author and movie fan James Twyman says itas time to call Hollywood to task on that anomaly. He says that if youare a baby boomer and still enjoy going out to the movies, as opposed to renting DVDs or Netflixing, Hollywood is deliberately choosing not to make films that appeal directly to your demographic. He calls the trend economically foolhardy, given that seniors are increasingly the largest subset of the North American population and given that seniors have more time and disposable income to indulge a few hours a week in front of the big screen.

4. “It’s meaningful to me to be on TV not necessarily looking like a member of the cast of Gossip Girl,” said Lena. Rebel Wilson — our third place star — reportedly wasn’t allowed to lose weight while filming Pitch Perfect and can soon be seen having a super fun time on her upcoming TV show. “On Super Fun Night I’m encouraging girls who may not feel they are the prettiest or the most popular to just go out there and have a life,” said Rebel. RELATED: Most Promising New Shows The silver medal goes to Kirstie Alley, who is known for her weight battles as much as her TV and movie roles. “It’s so good for people to see Hollywood people like this, because that’s what people look like!” said Merle Ginsberg.


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